The services of the patent law firm of D&N particularly comprise:

Comprehensive consultation in the field of protecting industrial rights, as well as the drafting and realization of:

  • German patent applications, utility model applications, European patent applications, patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, as well as national patent applications domestically and abroad;
  • Opposition and invalidity proceedings;
  • German trademark applications, Community trademark applications, international trademark applications, as well as national trademark applications domestically and abroad;
  • German design applications, applications for Community designs or as designs according to the Hague Agreement;
  • Advisory opinions on validity and infringement of intellectual property rights;
  • Monitoring of property rights and research in that field, enforcement of intellectual property rights against third parties in case of infringements both in and out of court, as well as strategic consultation regarding intellectual property rights;
  • Monitoring of fees payments;
  • License and Know-How contracts and agreements;
  • Consultation regarding the German Employee´s Invention Act.