The D&N Demski & Nobbe patent law firm advises you as an entrepreneur with a client-related vision to ensure your success in the long run, since D&N is a team of patent attorneys and staff with their own experience in industry and as entrepreneurs.

The D&N team

A main aspect of our work is the application process of patents and trademarks and patent opposition proceedings as well as invalidity proceedings with an emphasis on Germany and Europe.

Other basic aspects are strategic consultation and drafting of advisory opinions regarding freedom-to-operate, in our experience with national and international infringement cases and the processes in these matters.

The services of our patent law firm range from obtaining to defending and attacking property rights. These include in particular patent rights, design rights, trademark rights and the corresponding law of contract with regard to licence and know-how agreements, as well as the German employee invention law.

Due to our close cooperation with selected law firms, lawyers, accountants and financial advisers, we are able to offer a thorough consultation and representation to all intents and purposes of our clients.